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Created by Kids is an arts program that provides the skill and materials for your child to explore their artistic abilities in a encouraging, engaging environment. Each student gets a double dose of creativity - first, we learn about the history behind the projects we do, examining the works of famous working artists for inspiration. Then we use this knowledge to jumpstart their imaginations and take their ideas to the next level. Engaging with art studies in this manner has proven to have far-reaching implications in every child's life, whether they pursue art-making later in life or not, and for younger students, it can also help to refine important motor skills.

Our Classes

Created by Kids offers a wide range of after school classes for children ages 5-10 years. All our classes are offered throughout the New York Public School year at our Brooklyn location : 592 Pacific St. Brooklyn, NY steps away from Atlantic Terminal / Barclays Center. 

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Our Camps

Created by Kids offers different themed art camps for children ages 5-10 years. Camps are offered year-round with a 12 week Summer Camp starting this June at our Brooklyn location.

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For Schools

Have Created by Kids at your school to offer students a variety of our unique fine art classes. Book a field trip to Created by Kids at our location : 592 Pacific St. Brooklyn, NY steps away from Atlantic Terminal / Barclays Center, for one of our exciting art classes.

For more information email rene@createdbykidsnyc.com

School Affiliates 
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We also host Birthday Parties!

Created by Kids birthday parties and special events, emphasize the fun a child can have creating a special work of art both all on their own as well as with friends. Learn more information here.

Our Mission

Our guiding principal at Created By Kids is to never put limits on what our students can do, instilling pride and confidence in their creative abilities and in themselves. While we believe all art programs are valuable, our curriculum goes beyond simple arts and crafts, combining art history relevance with fun, engaging projects adapted so that they are age appropriate but still challenging.

Our goal is that students will create something amazing that they can be proud of while also relating that back to all of the wonderful work that hangs in the world-famous museums of New York City. Simply put, we want to emphasize that they, too, can become part of the cultural dialogue with the pieces they make in our studio, and that art can be vital means of expression.

With our camps, classes, and parties we offer seven days a week through our conveniently located studio just steps from Barclays Center, and our innovative after school programs through out Brooklyn affiliated schools, we strive to make art an integral part of every child’s life that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

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